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About SalesBoost, LLC

Salesboost’s mission is to be the best sales training tool ever created. To that end, we offer a host of advantages over traditional sales programs, beginning with our methodology. The Salesboost process includes three main components: learning, simulation and results.

These three components are delivered by SalesBoost’s patented cutting edge technology with a human touch, training based upon the participant’s pace, incorporating the power of practice and providing real, relevant training with real results.

Unlike many sales training companies, SalesBoost was founded in 2015 by a leader in the hospitality sales industry, Gretta Brooks, with 30+ years of experience and has a team of experts with over 160+ years of industry experience. Learn more about Gretta and the SalesBoost Team here. 

We are focused on providing an innovative way of learning simulated by real customer scenarios. This methodology increases engagement in learning, retention due to real-time coaching and most importantly, confidence which is the most important sales skill of all. Together, the talented team at SalesBoost is taking sales training for the hospitality industry to the next level by doing just what our name says, boosting confidence, boosting performance and boosting sales. Join us!

SalesBoost Application

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