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Practice real life conversations with our AI based voice analysis training system to build lasting muscle memory.

Course Experience

Research tells us that adults learn in small time blocks. Our courses are designed in a micro-learning format to allow for maximum attention spans. Complete a course in 30 minutes or less! 

Voice Analysis

Our patented voice analysis technology puts the learner in an augmented reality simulation. During this process, the learner gets to practice real-life conversations repeatedly until they are ready to have them with a live customer. During their simulation our technology instantly analyzes their voice and provides coaching and feedback.  

Team Reporting

SalesBoost’s eLearning Solution is available on a scalable enterprise level. Using our Team Account, you can keep track of your organization’s engagement and progress to keep your team accountable.


It’s ok to brag! Every course comes with a shareable certification. Add them to your resume, LinkedIn profile, and share them on social media!

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