New Course Series

Quick Serve Restaurants


Key Learning Objectives

•  Learn to quickly and effectively handle guest requests, incorrect orders, and provide alternate suggestions

•  Understand key ways to exceed customer expectations with table touches and clean establishment

•  Learn ways to increase guest spend through effective upselling techniques

 Enhance your communication skills with guests, employees and Third Party Delivery Services


Alternate Suggestion

Learn how to handle a request for an item that is no longer available. Understanding your menu is important to offer an alternative suggestion in order to create a positive guest experience.

Delayed Greeting

All guests should be greeted immediately as they approach the counter. Understand the importance of greeting guests in all situations; especially during peak hours.

Guest Compliment

Compliments should be taken just as seriously as complaints. Learn how to accept a guest compliment and celebrate with your team members.

Inappropriate Team Member Behavior

Every guest should be treated with respect and have a great restaurant experience. Learn how to handle a complaint from a guest regarding inappropriate team member behavior.

Incomplete Order

Incomplete orders are a guest issue we would all like to avoid, however, they can happen. Learn how to quickly and effectively handle a guest with an incomplete order and practice your service recovery skills.

Incorrect Order from the Drive-Thru

Ordering from the drive-thru should be a quick and convenient way to serve our guests on the go. Learn how to quickly and effectively handle an incorrect order from a drive-thru guest and practice your service recovery skills.

Long Wait for Order

Long wait times can cause frustration, poor reviews and can even turn a guest away from ever returning. Learn how to address and handle a guest complaint about the length of time to receive their order. It’s important to turn a frustrated guest into a happy and loyal guest.

Request to Clean Tables

A clean and presentable restaurant is key to keep guests coming back. Learn how to effectively handle a guest request to clean tables.

Restroom Restock

It’s important to handle every guest request with a smile, good communication skills, and a service mindset. As a result of this course, you will learn and practice how to handle a guest request using clear communication and customer service skills.

Table Touches

A memorable restaurant experience happens when you’re able to be proactive with your guest service. Learn how to effectively perform table touches in order to anticipate needs and get valuable feedback from guests.


Upselling is important to help ensure a great guest experience. Upselling is effective when you have high confidence. Learn how to use your knowledge of the menu to successfully suggest enhancements or add-ons to every guest order.

Working with Third-Party Delivery Services

Third-Party orders are just as important as any other guest order. Learn how to efficiently prepare and communicate with third-party delivery services to ensure a seamless pick-up order.

See our voice simulator in action!

Watch this video of the voice simulator portion of our courses. This feature allows the learner to put their new skills in action by practicing these scenarios in a non-humiliating and safe environment.