Virtual sales coach:
An evolution in technology,
a revolution in hotel sales.



The “e” in e-learning
stands for “excellent”

The US has spent more than $50 billion on self-paced e-learning, and it’s predicted to double this year. Businesses save at least 50% when they replace traditional instructor-based training with e-learning. That’s why over 42% percent of global Fortune 500 companies are using e-learning to instruct employees during formal learning hours. In these settings, the information retention rate is 48% compared to 30% with classical training.

Perfect practice

Practice makes perfect. Without it, no training program can be truly effective. SalesBoost replaces the pain and embarrassment of traditional role-playing and with a proprietary high-tech approach that is enjoyable and beneficial. This repeated practice, or “overlearning,” increases retention and success.

Personal sales trainer

Think of SalesBoost as your “sales training coach” who guides you through a virtual environment with real-time results and feedback. SalesBoost also serves as a liaison between you and your manager to communicate insight into your training. That way, your supervisor is up to speed on your progress, and you’re up to speed on your career. It’s online training at its best so you’re at your best.

Let us help you find the right plan for your needs.

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